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SHAVIV - Полный каталог инструмента - 2015 Английский язык

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                                    II Long-Reach Sets

Mango llB Extra-Close                       Mango llE Extra-Close                                    Mango ll Long-Reach                      TheFinishing


The most recommended handle for comfort and control in deburring

• Works with all SHAVIV holders (see page 17)                                        Mango ll Handle for long reach Ordering No.:152-00019
• Simple holder mechanism
• Comfortable, ergonomic handle for standard-sized hands

Mango II Set B The Workhorse                                                         Mango II Set E Heavy DeBurr

Popular set for holes, slots & edges. B holder supports all B blades which can be    Rugged deburring set for heavy-duty deburring of holes, slots and edges.
inserted axially or perpendicular to the holder.                                     E holder supports all E blades.

                               B10  B E100 E


                                                                                                                                                     E200 E300

Straight Edge Hole Edge                                                              Straight Edge Hole Edge Cross-Hole
                                                                                                                          Both Edges

Set Name             Handle         Holder Blades Ordering No.                       Set Name        Handle                           Holder Blades          Ordering No.
Mango II Set B       Mango II       B B10,B20 155-90056                              Mango II Set E  Mango II
                                                                                                                                      E E100,E200, E300 155-90065

Mango II Set D The Sheet Cleaner                                                     Mango II Set C The Scraper

Perfect for sheet metal up to 0.12" thick (3 mm). Blade deburrs both sides of sheet  Features triangular blade with 3 cutting edges for high quality finishing & scraping.
in one pass. Blade also functions as a surface cleaner.                              The telescopic blade holder lets you get to difficult-to-reach areas. Includes key for
                                                                                     safely removing blades.

                                    D80C D                                                                     C42 C

Flat Surface Sheets                 For added safety, use with Handguard,            Straight Edge Hole Edge Hole Flat Surface Hole Inner
                                    Ordering No.: 152-00030                                          Back-Edge                        Surface

Set Name             Handle                 Holder  Blades  Ordering No.             Set Name        Handle                           Holder Blades Ordering No.
Mango II Set D       Mango II               D       D80C    155-90064                Mango II Set C  Mango II                         C C42 155-90062
Shaviv Set D         Classic                D       D80C    155-29068

Mango II Set FR Ratchet-Burr for ID                                                  Mango II Set F The Countersink

Features FR ratchet holder, ideal for rotational chamfering, even when work-         Powerful tool, excellent for chamfering and countersinking.
space is limited. Inside diameter (ID) up to 0.79" (20mm).                           Use for hole-edge applications with up to 0.79 “ (20mm) diameter.

                         F20        FR F20 F

Set Name             Handle                 Holder  Blades       Hole Edge           Set Name        Handle                           Holder         Blades   Hole Edge
Mango II Set FR      Mango II               FR      F20                              Mango II Set F  Mango II                         F              F20
Shaviv Set FR        Classic                FR      F20     Ordering No.             Shaviv Set F    Classic                          F              F20     Ordering No.
Aluminum Set FR      Aluminum               FR      F20     155-90072                Aluminum Set F  Aluminum                         F              F20     155-90071
                                                            155-29071                                                                                        155-29070
                                                            155-00223                                                                                        155-00222


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