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SHAVIV - Полный каталог инструмента - 2015 Английский язык

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VARGUS Ltd., established in 1960, is a world leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of cutting              See it in action
and finishing tools to the metalworking and plastics industries. VARGUS is a member of the NEUMO
Ehrenberg Group, a diversified multi-national organization headquartered in Germany. Our international
manufacturing and marketing operations serve customers in more than 100 countries around the globe
specializing in three major product lines: SHAVIV hand deburring tools, VARDEX thread turning and
thread milling tools, and GROOVEX groove turning and groove milling tools.

The Complete Range of Deburring Solutions

with SHAVIV's Ergonomic Handles

II Long-Reach

The most recommended handle for comfort and

control in deburring                                               Mango ll Handle Ordering No.: 152-00019

Mango II - Works with all SHAVIV blade holders.

Simple holder mechanism. Comfortable, ergonomic handle for standard-sized hands.

                     II B/E Extra-Close                            B10
                                                                   Mango ll B Handle Ordering No.: 152-00009
The most recommended handle for comfort and
control in deburring                                               E100
                                                                   Mango ll E Handle Ordering No.: 152-00016
Mango II B/E - Works with all B or E blades.
Permanent safety locks for simple blade replacement. Comfortable,
ergonomic handle for standard-sized hands.

                  Click Extra-Close                                E100
                                                                   Mango Click E Handle Ordering No.: 152-00013
Mango Click E

Mango Click - Deburring has never been so easy!
Works with all E blades. Easy-to-use, comfortable and durable.
Best suited for larger-sized hands.

   Classic Handle A                                                                                               Ordering No.: 152-00003
                                                                                                                  Ordering No.: 152-00005
    The classic universal handle. Accepts all Shaviv blade holders. To store                                      Ordering No.: 152-00026
    spare blades inside handle, simply unscrew the back cap.                                                      Ordering No.: 155- 29057

   Handle A (Aluminium)

    Classic universal handle heavy-duty aluminum version. Accepts all Shaviv
    blade holders.

   Handle 1

    Non-telescopic handle, excellent for heavy-duty deburring tasks. All E-series
    blades fit directly into handle.

   HandyChuck Pin Vise

    Holds small files, drills, reamers, taps, mold polishing stones, wires, counter-
    sinks, etc. Grips objects with 1mm (0.04”) to 8 mm (0.32”) diameter. Can be
    used with C50 & C60 scrapers. Useful for repairing and assembling watches,
    electrical appliances & miniature electronic equipment.


                                                                      shaviv@shaviv-tools.ru www.shaviv-tools.ru