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SHAVIV Tool Sets

SHAVIV tool sets are the most economical, flexible and fastest way to finish metal and plastic parts.
SHAVIV's high quality tools include a vast range of ergonomic handles, telescopic holders, and blades
for most types of applications.

Long Reach Tool Sets

Set E  Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose

                                                     E100 Holder E

Heavy duty set for deburring holes, slots and edges  E200                                                        Set Name     90065
on most types of materials. Includes telescopic      E300                                           Aluminum Handle
holder.                                                                                                                    EDP No.
                                                                                                    Classic Handle         90087
Set B  Standard Duty Multi-Purpose                                                                                         29069

Standard duty set for deburring holes, slots and     B10    Holder B                                                           90056
edges on most types of materials.                      B20
Includes telescopic holder.                                                                  Set Name                      EDP No.
                                                                               Aluminum Handle                             29066
Set C The Scraper                                                              Classic Handle

Multi-functional tool for various applications and   C42 Holder C
materials. The triangular shaped C42 blade features
3 deburring edges for extra-long life.               C Key                                                       Set Name      90062
                                                                                                    Classic Handle
Set D Sheet Edge Cleaner                                                                                                   EDP No.
Simple to operate! Deburrs both sides of sheets up
to 3mm (0.12") thick. D80C (Carbide) blade can also  *                                                                     90064
be used as a surface cleaner.*                                      D80C Holder D
                                                                                                                           Note: Blade D82C can be
Set F/FR Countersink & Chamfering Tool                                        Key                                          purchased separately
                                                                                                                           and is suitable for thicker sheets.

Basic set for chamfering holes and tools up to                         F20 Holder F                                           90071
20mm (13/16"). Includes telescopic holder.
The countersink is made of HSS.                                                                            Set Name        EDP No.
                                                                           Mango II Set Burr-Ex, Ratchet-Burr for OD       90073
Set G Slot Edge Cleaner                                                    Mango II Set FR, Ratchet-Burr for ID            90072

Ideal for deburring and cleaning edges of internal                     G10 Holder G                                           90074
and external keyways and slots up to up to 15mm                                   Key
(0.6") wide. HSS blade features 8 deburring edges.
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